PEMS: Mark Greengrass, “Travelling scientifically in early modern Europe”, 12/02/18, Bib. Sorbonne

Mark Greengrass (University of Sheffield): “Travelling scientifically in early modern Europe”

Respondent: Daniel Garber (Princeton University / IEA Paris)

Abstract: Can we distinguish travel for scientific purposes in the seventeenth century from other sorts of travel? In what ways could the humanist advice manuals on the art of travel (ars apodemica) be adapted for scientific purposes? What was the role of travel in stimulating scientific inquiry among the founding fellows of the Royal Society? This presentation attempts to furnish answers to those questions through the particularly well-documented and influential travels of the distinguished British naturalist, Francis Willughby (1635-1672).

Mark Greengrass is Professor Emeritus of Early Modern History at the University of Sheffield. He has published widely on sixteenth- and seventeenth-century France, and in particular on French wars of religion. In 2014, he published Christendom Destroyed. A History of Europe (1517-1648)(Penguin, UK; Viking Press, USA). [for a presentation of his research and publications, see]

This session is supported by the CREA (EA 370 – Université Paris Nanterre) and the Institut universitaire de France.

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