SEM 26/03/21: J. Raymond, “Speaking, writing, printing the news in early modern Europe”, 5.30 pm


The third session of the Paris Early Modern Seminar (PEMS) for 2021 will be held online on March 26, 2021, from 5.30 to 7pm (Paris time):

Joad Raymond (Queen Mary University of London): “Speaking, writing, printing the news in early modern Europe”


In this paper I consider (one last time) the interrelations among voice, writing and printing in early modern Europe, and propose that we move from discussions of relative influence and instead consider patterns of interactivity and complementarity among the three. I shall do this by looking at the points at which news moved from one mode to another (or others), and the places where this happened.


Joad Raymond is a Welsh academic and writer, and Professor of Renaissance Studies at Queen Mary University of London. He is the author and editor of twelve books about sixteenth-and seventeenth-century literature and history, especially the history of news in Europe. He is presently completing a book provisionally entitled The News in Europe (for Penguin books), and editing Milton’s Latin Prose for the Oxford edition of the Complete Works of John Milton. He collaborates with other London musicians under the name ‘The Unattached’, and is presently completing an album of songs about dead dogs.

Respondent: Lynn S. Meskill (Université de Paris)


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