2 décembre 2022, bookclub

Friday, 2 December, 5.30-7pm (Paris time), Sorbonne université (rue de la Sorbonne, 75005, salle F671) + Zoom (ask our secretary for the link)

Books published by PEMS members in 2022 will be presented:

Laetitia Sansonetti and Rémi Vuillemin (eds), Language Commonality and Literary Communities in Early Modern England. Translation, Transmission, Transfer (Turnhout, Brepols, 2022)


The volume focuses on the role of translation and lexical borrowing in the expansion of specific English lexicons (erudite, technical, or artisanal) as evidenced in printed texts from the early modern period. It considers how language shapes identity in social, religious, philosophical, artistic and literary contexts, and is in turn shaped by claims of social, religious, philosophical, artistic and literary identity.

  • Presented by Laetitia Sansonetti (Université Paris Nanterre & IUF)

Greg Miller & Anne-Marie Miller-Blaise, Edward and George Herbert in the European Republic of Letters, Manchester University Press, 2022


This collection explores connections between the full range of the Herbert brothers’ writings and activities, despite the apparent differences both in what they wrote and in how they lived their lives. More specifically, the volume demonstrates that despite these differences, each conceived of their extended republic of letters as militating against a violent and exclusive catholicity; theirs was a communion in which contention (or disputation) served to develop more dynamic forms of comprehensiveness. The literary, philosophical and musical production of the Herbert brothers appears here in its full European context, connected as they were with the Sidney clan and its investment in international Protestantism.

  • Presented by Greg Miller (poet-scholar, Professor Emeritus from Millsaps College in Jackson, Mississippi) and Anne-Marie Miller-Blaise (Université Sorbonne Nouvelle)

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